My wedding cost less than a month’s rent

My wedding cost less than a month’s rent

Just stop for a second and think! Seriously, people need to think about ways of properly planning their weddings. Wedding is an auspicious occasion that binds two people in a pious and strong relationship, promises that are forever, making beautiful memories and feeling cheerful about enormous pleasant moments ahead. It is about feelings and emotions. Weddings don’t need to be extravagant to show that you are happy, one look at your face, the sparkle and shine in your eyes tells all about how you feel. You don’t have to spend two year’s salary in planning a lavish and extraordinary one-day feast. Just think about it! All the money that you spend on decorating hallways, great and bulky orders for food, designer wears and what not? just for one fancy function? Think of all the other ways you can spend the same money in a worthier way. It is not that you should give all your money to charity, nobody is asking you to do that but you can spend your money on you but in a way that is more good and will be advantageous to you.

But regardless of all the things that can be said some people strongly belief that everyone deserves a nice and warm wedding function, it is the dream of every girl to have a great wedding ceremony. Notice, here the words extravagant and fancy haven’t been used, this is the point wedding functions should be amazing but simple and within budget at the same time. Cake Delivery in Lahore An average American and Asian wedding cost $28,000, this needs to change. Although planning within a budget requires more time but can save tens of thousands of money and give you better options, best one would be, go on a honeymoon and explore!

So, some of the many ways you can plan a wedding that cost less than a month’s rent are given below;

Rings and marriage license ($235):

Rings and wedding license are the most essential elements needed for a wedding in the eyes of world and law. Rings don’t have to be overloaded with richness a decent and elegant ring either is for a groom or bride can be bought for $100 each and marriage license usually cost $35 or less.

Photography (< = $50):

With so many freelance photographers these days, you can search up people who have just started and are offering discounted packages (after of course reviewing their work, as I said requires time). You can even go through your contacts to see if any of your friends is in this business. You can get a good package under 50 dollars.

Venue ($0 – $100):

A nice back garden or a public park with a small gathering for a cozy and romantic wedding would do, you just have to spend on the decorations and flowers.


Keeping it simple and graceful, you can easily have a starter, two main courses and a dessert for 25- 20 people within a budget of $100 – $150.

Wedding Invites ($30):

Handmade invites are the best. If you are planning for a small wedding, you can easily buy stationery and make handmade invites that are adorable.

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