Tackling both oily and dry skin

Tackling both oily and dry skin


Everyday problems including skin care difficulties and complications. Oily skin being caused by excess of skin oil which is due to the rising number of male hormones and thus the skin starts producing too much oil. Whereas the dry skins are not really caused by puberty but it is just the game of rough soaps, scratchy clothes and steam hot showers. Dry skin is basically flaky skin with no oil. Also at times it’s the illness and diseases that you are going through cause it.

Now in order you have either of them or even you don’t one has to have some products to get rid of them or as a remedy. At times when the skin care products are working for the one problem they might be ruining and making the other one worse. So it would be efficient of the consumer to get in search of the skin care product which can handle and tackle both the conditions. The dry skin and the oily skin. Can’t go out using two skin care products which are just making the case worse for the other one. Sounds dumb enough. If you have both of them, the oily skin and the dry skin then it might be easier handle it than you might think how difficult it’d be. With the correct information and balanced usage, you can be beautiful.

A combination of skin is basically having oily as well as the dry skin at the same time. And the chances are that the forehead, nose and chin are oily. There can be many causes to this combination of skin but most of the time it is inherited from your parents. Never skin care product without having the perfect information of it. It could make the skin go worse or even cause it. If you are using the skin care product for the oily skin so the product may contain the rough and harsh stuff to deal with the oily areas but it might ruin the areas which are oily or already dry. Oily areas may cause the pores and the dry area by the hairline, jaw and the cheeks causing the itching. But if you are using the right skin care product the dry areas become softer, levelled and smoothened. And the oily areas are not as much of oily and less pores. It is not surprising how one can’t handle the combination skin.

It can be a pretty tough ask for one with extreme combination skin. The routine and the right product can be a huge ask and hard to get to. For the cleansers one should consider the tender and moderate formula ones with the sticky tag combination skin.

And probably if your skin in both oily and dry then chances are that it might not be inherited and the problem are just your products. So better choose your skin care products wisely to get the best out of your skin and to escape the oily and dry factors.


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