Who says you can’t look hot while it’s hot?

Who says you can’t look hot while it’s hot?

Trying to look hot whilst its summer? Who says it is impossible to do so? Well apparently if you try to do it the right way then it won’t cause you much trouble. The glory and the secret of looking hot whilst it is hot is quite complicated. And the key to it is getting dressed in bright and light apparel.

Many people out there judge you with your get up and with what you grab on and wear. Top to bottom perfectly and elegantly observed. Summers brings the joyfulness and ecstasy along with it. When you know the warm and tempting weekends are going to be there. Then there comes a point where you worry about all the stiff shirts, cardigan sweaters and the wool pants you own which make you sweat like crazy. Whereas the other garments that you own such as the sundresses, tank tops and shorts are not really office types.

Trying to calm your hair all day and rewetting them just to make them look decent? Using bunch of products just to make them look worth it? Well another solution to this problem are sunglasses. Appropriate and can also be used as a headband on a ‘not so good hair day’. But a headband won’t help the end of your hair so another cheap hair beauty remedy are olive oil. They might give a texture to them. Another way of getting them out of the frizz is putting on hand lotion which would also help them smell really good.

Sticking with cotton fabrics, preferring the lighter colors and wearing loose clothes is the basic idea of looking hot during summers. The medics also prefer cotton fabrics since they absorb all the sweat off your body and the moisture too. And then allows it to evaporate it in the atmosphere. This also gets rid of different sort of diseases and bacteria preventing infections.

Light colors like white, yellow and baby pink are the superior colors in summers. They reflect majority of the sun rays back in the air and keeps you cool as compared to the dark colored fabric which are rather hot an absorb the heat.

Wearing loose clothes in summer is also preferred by the medics since tight clothes are there to stiff your body and don’t let the blood circulate freely. Since the blood vessels tend to dilate in summers so wear loose clothes and let the heat escae through your skin and stay healthy.

Since one can’t wear shorts and tank tops to job interviews in summer. When the temperate reaches 90 degrees and it feels like 100 degrees so you might have to ditch the jacket and go with the knee length skirt which is formal too but allows the ventilation too. When on an interview try to wear something different and stunning. Which differs you from the pack. Want to show the management that you’re punctual and always on schedule? Wear a watch!

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