Getting a brain boost with nootropics

Getting a brain boost with nootropics

What are nootropics?

Nootropic supplements are used by healthy people around the world to boost the functionality of their brain, they are drugs that enhances cognitive qualities of the brain. It boosts brain activity, memory power, motivation and creativity skill etc. People are enchanted by the idea of improving their brain performance alertness.

Nootropics were formerly referred to as ‘smart drugs’, studies have shown that an average person can boost confidence level and functionality of brain, not only this nootropic drugs have great effects on body as well.

The word nootropic was originated in 1972 by a Romanian doctor. It is made up of two Latin word; nous meaning mind and trepein meaning and bend. Hence nootropics enhances your ability to focus and recollect by bending your mind.

How do they work?

Nootropic drugs act as an additive to the neurochemicals already present in your brain. According to studies, it has been confirmed that nootropic supplements don’t have any negative side effects so the people consuming it shouldn’t worry. But remember that every human being has their own set of characteristics so if you decide on consuming a nootropic drug then you should take only a few supplements at a time and then see if it has any adverse effect on your body, daily activity or health.

In case of such drugs that boost your brain function you should make sure that they are from an authentic source, scientists have therefore given details about chemicals that a nootropic drug should have. This way you can easily identify a nootropic drug.

What are the benefits of nootropic drugs?

These drugs have numerous benefits and can be used to treat different types of diseases such as short term memory loss, Alzheimer, ADHD etc. How? They enhance your ability to focus and learn and strengthen your memory.

Not only people suffering from diseases are consuming nootropics but normal people have also started taking them as it improves your sleeping habits (which is quite necessary these days because most of the people are sleep deprived whatever be the age), it increases your productivity, you are more optimistic than depressed hence you end up in a good mood more often. It also improves blood circulation in brain.

Some Best Nootropic Supplements:

  1. Fish Oil: To maintain brain heath two types of omega fatty acids are recommended, DHA and EPA (1gram per day each). Fish oil consists of a good percentage of both DHA and EPA therefore it helps to reducedecline of cognitive functionality of brain as we age.
  2. Caffeine: It is commonly found in tea, coffee and dark chocolate so it depends on you whether you consume supplements on intake in form of above products. It actually stimulates your brain, improve memory and brain functions.
  3. Acetyl-L-Carnitine: It is a type of amino acid that helps you being more alert and focused, improves your power of sensing. It is produced by your body but taking supplements makes your senses more efficient.

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