Fashion and Sports – The Best Combination So Far

Fashion and Sports – The Best Combination So Far

Fashion and sports are the best combination so far, yes, because fashion and sportswear never appear to be natural bedfellows. By and far, fashion is advanced, fleeting and a world away from sportswear, which traditionally focuses on technically advanced fabrics rather than pretty details or flattering features.

Sportswear has come a long way in the fashion industry and the way athletic clothing has been designed really shows the confounding effect that the fashion industry has played and still plays within the sport industry. The big companies are now producing and promoting their athletic wear in which you look stylish while working out. This looks absurd how one can look good and stylish while being a sweaty monster, but it is in fact, true.

The rise of sportswear as a fashion trend has been evolving for the past few years. It continues on the direction of sleek, minimal and luxurious, making it ripe for new interpretations that blur the boundaries between daywear and active wear. Now, the athletic trend takes one final step forward, completely erasing the gap that may have still existed between what’s fashion and what’s practical as gym gear.

But number of designers is being seduced by major sportswear brands such as Puma, Adidas and Reebok. The role of fashion designers in the sports field has changed the simple and clear formula for success. It has grown more complex. Their clothing, shoes and athletic gear that they manufacture, create designs and logos has an appealing and flattering nature to it. it say yes technology enhancements today will keep you cool and dry, it will keep you but most importantly you look impeccably stylish.

Take the example of McCartney, when she launched her first collection for Adidas, she talked earnestly about how women traditionally had to give up for her style when they took up sport as a career. She asked why they would want to work out in clothes that came in colors and attractive associated with my little pony toys.

The third collection of Adidas is launched by McCartney, instead produced a wide range of hoodies, leggings, vests and jackets in her signature colors of slate grey, dusty pin and inky blue. The clothes are smartly cut and have interesting and amazing design features and are perfectly wearable and highly admirable.

The styles for women are offered in soft colors. Such as dove grey and ice blue colors are available. And their eye-catching laser cut decorations are based on the ligaments and tendons of the human foot.

Marc Jacobs and Luella have designed trainers for Vans, while john Varvatos has collaborated with Converse, and Philip Teracy is producing a range with Umbro. Many of these partnerships develop in an organic way. Christy Turlington’s passion for Yoga, for example, prompted her to design her Nuala Range.

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