Are you in a fashion rut? Put these tips to the test

Are you in a fashion rut? Put these tips to the test

Trends in fashion change every now and then it is really important to remain updated with latest trends to make sure you fit into the crowd. Some people literally dread going to shopping and spending their days looking at clothes, so they just pick up anything that seems affordable, wearable and would fit them well. On the other hand, some people are very conscious and would rather be broke then wear one thing twice. Whether you are a fashion novice or a fashion freak you need to follow the guide below to make your life easy,

Hair styling is one of the things that alters your look and contribute to your posture and impression as well. It is hard to handle, maintain long hair, therefore if you are an office woman or have to look after and ready the kids before going to the party its best for you to keep short hair that are easy to wash, style and takes less than a five minutes to dry.

For casual look, go for light colored jeans they are less formal and go with tops and shirts of all colors and styles. For formal get together and parties dark color jeans give you a sterner and bold look.

Although, you might not be into fashion much and don’t buy or read magazines to keep yourself on point with the latest trend but the least you should do to fit in the crowd and your surrounding is to make sure you have read a latest fashion blog when going to shop so that you don’t end up picking things that are now long gone.

You should make sure that whatever you are buying doesn’t only looks good on the stand but also looks good on you. Nobody knows your body better than you, you know from experience what types of dresses go with your body shape, makes you look smart and the color goes with your complexion. Even the colors change with the fashion trends, although black is for the diva look but you often here “Red is the new black” that when you know what’s trending, while white makes you look magnificent. Keep track of trendy colors every season before you set out for shopping.

Apart from clothing, there is whole lot of makeup brands these days and hundreds of different products to make you look beautiful. Don’t go buying makeup until you need something new or you have used the very last bit of your existing makeup. It is recommended to keep your makeup tubes upside down to use most of it. Good makeup brands are quite expensive so don’t waste them.

The above guide will help you make sure that your wardrobe is in accordance with the latest fashion trends and that your hairstyle, dress and makeup fits you well with in your parties and get together. You may think people don’t notice what you are wearing but believe me that THEY DO!

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