Essential oils have a big role to play in allergy relief

Essential oils have a big role to play in allergy relief

In today’s technical world, on one hand all the industrial and technical development is adding up to the comfort and ease of mankind while on the other hand it is changing our environment and air surrounding us. The environment now contains such toxic substances and harmful chemicals thatadversely affect our immune system. The over-reaction of these harmful substances is called allergy. The allergic diseases have known to be growing day by day, the medical term for hay fever is called allergic rhinitis. The seasonal changes, toxic and synthetic chemicals have caused allergic rhinitis to grow. To overcome and cure these allergies one can use some powerful essential oils that boost immune system and overcome hypersensitivity.

Below is a list of some essential oils that can be used to overcome and cure these allergies;

  • Peppermint oil:

Characteristics:Peppermint oil is used for treating cold, coughs, flu, bronchitis as well asthma and scratchy/itchy throats. Usually allergies related to digestive and respiratory system in your body can be treated using peppermint oil. It is used to unclog sinuses. Some studies have shown that peppermint oil has anti-inflammatory characteristics and can be greatly pain relieving.

Application: To apply peppermint oil to soothe pain there are two typical ways. Firstly, you can apply one drop of peppermint oil at the base of your neck two times a day to relieve pain. Also 1 drop of peppermint oil along with a carrier oil can be applied around your nostrils to reduce the effect of allergy (note: around nostrils it should never be used without a carrier oil. There are several other ways of applying peppermint oil according to need.

  • Lavender Essential oil:

Characteristics:Apart from its mesmerizing smell, lavender oil is greatly used to treat allergic reactions to our body. How? It also consists of anti-inflammatory substances that is used to cure skin rashes, headaches etc. Lavender oil not only acts as a cure but also gives your body a soothing and relaxing.

Application:Typically a drop of lavender oil can be used for massaging face, cheeks and sinus to sooth allergic itching and reactions. For skin allergies, it is recommended to add 2-3 drops of lavender oil to some carrier oil and then apply to the affected area.

  • Basil Oil

Basil oil is largely used and known to have anti- inflammatory substances that can reduce allergic reactions, inflammation and fatigue. Basil oil enhance and speed ups the blood circulation. It helps in producing 50 hormones that are used for almost all basic tasks. Basil oil is also used to detoxify bacteria and viruses in our body.

Remedy:For immune system a drop of basil oil can be added to soup or salad or any such meal whereas for respiratory system 2- 3 drops of diluted basil oil is added to some coconut oil and it can be used to massage neck, check and temples.

Before using any of the essential oils mentioned above or in any other case make sure your skin isn’t overly reactive for which you should always try new oils on a small patch of your skin and perform a little test.

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