Don’t Skip 6 Supplements for Fat Loss & Building Lean Muscle Mass

Don’t Skip 6 Supplements for Fat Loss & Building Lean Muscle Mass

With the world racing towards change at an enormous rate people want a fix for everything in the blink of an eye. Struggling and doing hard work to achieve goals is becoming rare day by day. Similarly, with diet and body fitness the matter is same people want supplements that would magically make then fit and steady. Whenever, people see someone with a good build and lean muscle mass they inquired that person inquiring about the magic that made them that when the story contains a lot of effort, they lose interest without even listening to the whole story. Well, the truth is that it takes time and is dependent not only on a proper diet of months but also on supplements used for fat loss and for building lean muscle mass and here is a guide that tells which 6 supplements are best for this purpose.

Protein Bars and Powders

Your trainer and other workout experts can tell you that to stimulate your muscle growth it is very important to consume protein before and after workouts. But since guys are not much schedule specific therefore for them protein bars and powders would come in handy for them.

Branched Chain amino acids

Three important amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine) make up branched chain amino acid and they must be a part of your diet and consumed in right amount. These amino acids should be used before, during or after workouts as they are metabolized in muscles. These BCAA’s help to cut body fat and build muscle mass.


Creatine is naturally found in kidneys, pancreas and liver, its benefits are great as it keeps your body fat low provides you with strength even if your glucose level is low. You can get creatine naturally by eating beef but a lot of beef intake is required for that so it is recommended to take creatine supplements instead which would make your muscles look hard, but it is all water weight that stays intramuscularly and not under the skin or top of the muscle.

Essential Fatty Acids

Fatty acids can be obtained by consuming fish oil. Fish oil has many benefits ranging from providing enhance brain functioning, efficient memory, keeping your skin, nails and hair presentable and providing stored energy during exercises when you are on diet.


Glutamine supplements help in regulation of glycogen through your body, they help in muscle growth and great body performance. It is recommended that you consume these supplements because after running and workouts you might need these to avoid infections and inflammations.

Alpha Lipoic Acids

Alpha Lipoic acids are soluble in both fat and water therefore these supplements are greatly on demand as they convert gluscose in your body to energy while you are exercising. You can take these supplements two to three times a day along with your carbohydrate diet. They are present in all cells of your body and help in daily routine works as well.

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