Best aqua exercises that can help you get in shape

Best aqua exercises that can help you get in shape

Consider hitting the gym and losing them calories. Cardio and working your sweat out would definitely help you to get fit and in shape. The setups from the fully motivated Monday chest workout to Tuesday with the shredded back and wings. Wednesday leaving your shoulders sore. Thursday your arms were open for the weights to curve your biceps. Friday when your legs don’t work like they used to before. All of these setups make sense and of course make an impact on your body and shape but it really is surprising what influences does aquatic exercises bring to your body. Better looking and good for your stamina too, some aqua exercises are easy to perform if you’re new at it.

Now the weights you lift for your bicep curls, no matter how tough your angle is, if you take the same setup in the pool. Now the water resistance might make it hard-hitting but the after effects are worth. The pump you’d feel would be priceless and better than that setup outside the pool. Similarly, the cross knees to elbows are great for your abs but the water resistance would make it harder at first but worth it. Cross right elbow toward left knee at waist. Alternate sides. When you move in water and try to move your arms and legs quickly, the water pushes you back allowing your body to move at a certain and constant speed. Squat jumping in about 4 feet deep water. Hands straight point at shoulder height and try jumping as high as you can. Also jog with knees high around waist and staying on your spot.

Some other aqua exercises include using a noodle to hold you up on the surface of water. Holding the noodle right in front of you. Don’t stretch your arms and do planks. But your feet supposed to be at the bottom with body straight. Kind of a diagonal. But planking in water is much easier to perform because water supports your body in a way so that you don’t put a lot of effort in holding your body up. Squatting jumps in water with legs wide open in v shape. Now try bursting yourself out of the water. The deeper the water the harder it is for you to get out and the efficient it gets. Triceps dips by the edge of the pool, with your back against the wall go down and come up with all the load on your arms, water resistance makes it work even better. One thing you have to make sure that you keep your elbows in one fix position and tight in to increase the workload on your triceps.

Try not to make excuses that you can’t swim in order to get rid of these water aqua exercises. You don’t have to be good at swimming or swimming is not even needed for these exercises. Grind in these exercises if you want to get in good shape.

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