Amazing gadgets that target the health conscious

Amazing gadgets that target the health conscious

Are you one of those people who are fitness freaks? For you are the ones that have given rise to such inventions in history. Fitness gurus all over the world have brain stormed and along with some best tech people have been able to achieve tremendous goals. They have invented and bring forth such amazing fitness gadgets that can provide you with great ease and make all your worries go away!


An amazing device that can actually track your sleep. We have known of some devices that tell you about the quality of your sleep by keeping track of times your thrashes around in sleep, on the other hand Zeo offered for $149 approximately requires that you wear a soft headband while sleeping and it records your brain waves. It can show you for how much time you were in light, REM and deep sleep depending upon the pattern in your brain waves.


This dental gadget is for those who are really concerned about having a fresh breath and shiny teeth. PerioTwist can be used with a little toothpaste for better results and is easy to use. You just have to properly twist and turn, it is believed to have anti-bacterial teeth cleaner which helps you avoid gum diseases and bad breath.


Often people forget their routine medications and are quite tired of it. Pillo is a smart robot that acts as a medicine dispenser and also a guide. It helps you with your health queries. It refills and stores your supplements and medicine. It also syncs with other smart devices at your home.


InsureMonkey is a health insurance website that lets you view the policies for free. It has connections with many health insurance providers whether it be individuals or families. It even provides free insurance quotes which helps you compare and select the best plans. It is one of the most promising companies as stated by Forbes.


Quite a smart device that doesn’t need to be strapped on, it measures your heart rate, cardiovascular health and oxygen levels in your body by providing a sensing surface where you can keep your thumb and get a complete idea of your heart activity on your smartphone. This device can help you improve your diet plan and your routine activities by giving heart rate in 1-5 and other important measures as well.


It’s like bringing a health trainer to your home. Cubile is a device that can be kept under your mattress and will keep track of your sleeping hours, breathing rate and heart rate etc. With device in home you might actually not need a fitness trainer at all.

BodyMedia Arm Band

It comprises of four sensors for features like Galvanic Skin Response, calories burnt, amount of activity and quality of sleep. It produces a dataset of 5000 readings per minute. It can help you maintain a fine and a fit body.

The above devices are trending and are recommended by fitness agents. They help you live a healthy, fit and active life.

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