5 different types of lifestyle designers, which one are you?

5 different types of lifestyle designers, which one are you?

What exactly comes to our mind when you hear the word lifestyle designer? Is it a person we hire to design our lifestyle? Is it some kind of a rule that we should follow? Well instead of letting others drive your life you should get into the driving seat, take control of your life and live according to your plans and your will. The points below describe 5 different types of lifestyle designers, you need to decide which one are you exactly and what should be the practices followed by each type of lifestyle designers.

Surrounded by Ideals: Are you one of those people who believe in the quotes of Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela and Marlyn Moore. When you are stuck at something you look up to their motivational quotes and sayings. Everybody has their own guru; someone whose lessons help you select the path you think is right.

Health is wealth:Some people are extremely focused on their fitness and diet routines. They start their day from an early jog or a walk, followed by a healthy breakfast. Their lifestyle is based on movement; they believe that more movement in turns opens the door to healthier life. Gym, yoga in evening, hiking on hills etc. are their keys of taking care of life.

The Planners:Managing, planning and arranging things in the right order so that they can be done at the right time is the moto of some people’s life. They use planners and schedulers to jot down tasks for the next day or next week. Now with advancing technologies we even have tracking applications that help you keep track of steps you walked in a day, monthly cycles, calories counter and books to read. This way it is easy to integrate and skim through things using just one application.

Spiritually Driven:People usually have a sacred or kind of a holy space in their homes, where they try to find themselves. The meditation feels good and is necessary for your soul. People usually gather food for though and soul from the teachings of spiritual gurus.

Travel Freak:It is rightly said for some people that if only traveling was free you wouldn’t see them more than once. Some people love the idea of spending time at new places, explores new locations, uncovering and learning the secrets mysterious places on earth. You would rather save up for a good nice trip on an ordinary weekend then go and shop for yourself. Traveling bring bliss to some people’s life, they love making memories, friendships and collecting priceless souvenirs.

In the end, you need to understand that not all people are same (forget all, you wouldn’t find even two people who prefer exactly same things), everybody desires different type of lifestyles. You will find enormous number of lifestyle preferences revolving around the five designs that are told above. So, which type of lifestyle do you prefer then?

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